Fodden sincerely invites you to meet at the Shanghai Industrial Expo.

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After a year, it's time for the Industrial Expo to be held again. We have already set up our company booth at the exhibition site and are looking forward to your visit. We hope to discuss and exchange the latest industrial embedded solutions and products with you!

Date: September 19th to 23rd, 2023
Location: China - Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center
Booth Number: 6.2H-F186 

Fodenn, a provider of industrial embedded solutions! We specialize in the research and development, customization, and provision of solutions for products such as industrial computers, industrial motherboards, industrial tablets, Mini PCs, and more. With our profound research and development capabilities and a professional and comprehensive sales and service team, we have established a global sales network and earned the trust of professional customers worldwide.

Our product portfolio includes:
- Industrial motherboards
- Industrial computers
- Industrial tablets
- Portable all-in-one machines
- Network security firewalls
- Mini PCs

The fields we serve:

We cater to the global markets of multiple industries, including industrial control, education, finance, machine vision, retail, and more. Fodenn has earned numerous accolades, such as being recognized as an "Intel Ecosystem Partner," based on our innovation, customization, and service capabilities.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to visit the exhibition in person and engage in discussions with our Fodenn team members.


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