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Professional Embedded Panel PC Manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturer of embedded panel PCs, providing customized 18.5 inch and 19 inch embedded panel PCs and wall mounted panel PCs. Our embedded panel PCs are characterized by high performance, stability and reliability, and easy installation and maintenance, which can meet customers' different needs and application scenarios.


Embedded Panel PC Applications

Fodenn offer embedded panel PC is an embedded system, usually used in industry, transportation, medical, security, smart home and other fields. They are commonly used in industrial automation control, intelligent traffic management, medical equipment monitoring, security monitoring systems, and smart home control. Our embedded panel PC have the advantages of high reliability, stability and low power consumption, so they are widely used in various fields that require long-term operation and high stability requirements.


Design Considerations for Embedded Panel PC

In the design of an embedded panel PC, functional requirements, processors, memory, displays, input devices, communication interfaces, power management, etc. need to be considered to meet the requirements of embedded applications. Design considerations such as performance, reliability, durability, and low power consumption are required.



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