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Industrial MiNi ITX Motherboard Introduction

Industrial Mini ITX motherboards are small computer motherboards designed for industrial environments. It adopts mini ITX standard size, with compact size and abundant interfaces. The industrial mini-ITX motherboard has high performance, high reliability and stability, and is suitable for various industrial automation applications. It usually has the characteristics of strong scalability such as multiple serial ports, USB ports, network connections, and storage ports to meet the special needs of industrial environments. In addition, the industrial mini-ITX motherboard also has the characteristics of shock resistance, dust resistance, moisture resistance and wide temperature range, and can run stably under harsh conditions.


Professional Mini ITX Manufacturers

Fodenn is a professional Mini ITX manufacturer and supplier, we provide high-quality industrial Mini ITX motherboards with unique technology and innovative solutions to meet customers' needs for compactness, high performance and reliability. Our Mini ITX motherboards are widely used in industrial automation and embedded systems, providing customers with excellent computing and control capabilities. We focus on product quality and stability, and provide personalized customization services to meet customer-specific needs. Whether it is a large-scale industrial project or an individual user, we are committed to providing them with high-quality, reliable Mini industrial Mini ITX motherboard solutions to help them achieve their goals and success.


Application Field of Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard

We provide industrial Mini ITX motherboards that are widely used in various industrial fields, including industrial automation, embedded systems, intelligent transportation, digital signage, monitoring and security, etc. Their small size, high reliability, and flexible scalability make them an ideal choice. Industrial-grade Mini ITX motherboards can be used for control and data acquisition of control and monitoring equipment, robot systems, industrial machinery, automated production lines, and various industrial equipment. They are also suitable for applications such as in-vehicle systems, intelligent traffic control, public transportation information displays, and vehicle monitoring systems


Industrial Mini ITX Motherboard Features

• Small size: Mini ITX motherboard adopts small size standard, usually 170mm x 170mm, which is very suitable for compact industrial applications and embedded systems.
• Powerful performance: Equipped with a powerful processor, large-capacity memory and high-speed storage interface, it provides efficient computing and response capabilities.
• Scalability and Customizability: Multiple expansion slots and interfaces are provided. This design allows users to customize it according to their own needs, connecting various expansion cards and external devices.
• Industrial-Grade Reliability and Stability: Uses industrial-grade components and design for long-term stable operation. They are resistant to vibration, electromagnetic interference, and wide temperature range for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.



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