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Brief introduction

An industrial computer Motherboard is a type of computer that is designed for use in industrial settings. Industrial computers are typically ruggedized to withstand these conditions and are built with durable components that can withstand long periods of use without failing.

An industrial computer PC are also often designed with specialized features and interfaces that make them well-suited for use in industrial settings, such as the ability to control and monitor industrial machinery or process large amounts of data.

Advantages of Industrial Computer Motherboards

  • 1.Durability and reliability

    Industrial computers are typically built with ruggedized components

  • 2.Ability to operate in harsh environments

    Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and other harsh conditions, which makes them more reliable and less likely to fail than consumer-grade computers

  • 3.Specialized features and interfaces

    They also often have specialized features and interfaces that make them well-suited for use in industrial settings, such as the ability to control and monitor industrial machinery or process large amounts of data. 

  • Additionally, industrial computers may be more energy efficient and have longer lifespans than consumer-grade computers, which can save money and reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Leading Industrial Computer Company

As a leading industrial computer company, we have rich experience and technical capabilities to provide customers with high-quality, high-reliability computer hardware and solutions to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Our products include embedded computers, industrial computer motherboard,etc.

Points to Note When Purchasing Industrial Computer Motherboards

When purchasing an industrial computer motherboard, you need to pay attention to compatibility, scalability and reliability. Make sure that the selected motherboard is compatible with other hardware and has certain scalability to meet future needs. At the same time, choose a motherboard with high reliability and suitable for the application scenario.


Application of Industrial Computer PC

Our custom made industrial computer motherboards are widely used in various industrial automation scenarios, such as factory production control, automated warehousing, medical equipment, transportation, smart grid, security monitoring and other fields. These scenarios require industrial computers with high performance, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, and durability to ensure the stability and safety of work.




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Industrial Computer Motherboard Core Components

• CPU slot: There is a slot for installing the CPU.
• Memory slot: There are multiple memory slots for installing memory modules to provide high-speed data access.
• Expansion slots: There are multiple expansion slots, such as PCIe slots and PCI slots.
• Storage interface: There are multiple storage interfaces, such as SATA interface and M.2 interface, which provide data storage and read and write functions.
• Input/output interface: There are various input/output interfaces, such as USB interface, Ethernet interface, audio interface and serial port interface, etc., which provide data transmission and communication functions.
• Power interface: used to connect the power supply to provide the required power for the motherboard and the entire computer system.


Product Presentation

  • 1. Fodenn Industrial Computer Motherboard
  • 2. Multiple COM/USB port design support easy customization
  • 3. Apply to Industrial control, HMI, Machine vision and edge computing
  • 4. OEM/ODM service with small MOQ required

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