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Fodenn is an professional industrial motherboard manufacturers. An industrial motherboards are an industrial-grade printed circuit board inside a computer case and serves as a platform that provides connectivity and expansion capabilities for most computer hardware components. The industrial motherboards connect various important computer components and peripherals such as CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD and HDD. There are a variety of different motherboard designs that are uniquely manufactured to work with specific processors and memory types.



Fodenn is leading the industry in providing the hardware solutions for these applications. From compact embedded AIoT Gateways and AI powered edge computing platforms to network video recorders and IoT nodes.

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Fodenn also offers series of panel PCs for man-machine interface and field applications. AI edge and network video systems can also be used not only to provide security through virtual fence applications, but also enhance worker safety by recognizing and ensuring workers are equipped with necessary protection and safety gear.

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Fodenn is committed to offering products and services to help make Smart City solutions a reality. By utilizing the infrastructure already in place with Intelligent Street Lighting, cities can provide a wide range of services through a system of interconnected IoT devices.

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Fodenn provides Intelligent Security and Surveillance solutions which have already been deployed in security robots, train stations and onboard buses, as well as in drone applications. Our products are designed to be flexible and customizable to fit your specific needs.

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Fodenn is a One-Stop OEM and ODM manufacturer.

We specialize in offering the production of a complete product from inception to production.

Fodenn has provided customers with over 1000 kinds of solutions, completed the product customization as fast as 35 days, to meet various needs of customers.

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How to Choose Between MATX Motherboard and ATX Motherboard

How to Choose Between MATX Motherboard and ATX Motherboard

Micro ATX maintains the position of the peripheral interface on the backplane of the ATX standard motherboard and is compatible with ATX. The Micro ATX motherboard reduces the number of expansion slots to 3-4, and the number of DIMM slots to 2-3, which reduces the width of the motherboard from the horizontal direction, and its total area is reduced by about 0.92 square inches, which is more compact than the ATX standard motherboard structure.

Customer Case Sharing: Industrial Panel PC for a Laser Cutting Machine Company

Customer Case Sharing: Industrial Panel PC for a Laser Cutting Machine Company

In the field of laser cutting, unlike other industrial automation products, the industrial panel PC, when deploying its relevant production actions, requires not only a generous and beautiful appearance, but also requires the product itself to be able to have multi-line observation and realize multi-unit control, and moreover needs to be used in harsh environments.

What Is Industrial Motherboard?

What Is Industrial Motherboard?

Typical motherboards are very similar in overall functionality, which provides a platform for processing and connectivity. Industrial motherboards come in different shapes, sizes and functions, making them easy to differentiate. Another attribute that helps differentiate different types of motherboards is to look at their reliability, durability and longevity. Advances in IoT solutions and the shift of computing power from the cloud to the edge require manufacturers to create industrial motherboards that can withstand the challenges of deployment.

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