3.5&4 inch Motherboard
3.5&4 inch Motherboard

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Fodenn offer Nano motherboard, which is a type of small computer motherboard commonly used in embedded systems, media centers, home servers, and similar applications. Compared to traditional ATX or Micro ATX motherboards, Nano ITX motherboards have several distinct advantages.



Advantages of Nano Motherboard

1. Compact and Lightweight: Nano ITX motherboards are typically small in size and lightweight, making them suitable for applications where space is limited, such as embedded systems and portable devices.

2. Low Power Consumption: Nano ITX motherboards usually feature low-power processors and components, providing high performance while consuming minimal energy. This is crucial for applications that require long-term operation or energy efficiency.

3. High Performance: Despite their small size, many Nano ITX motherboards come equipped with high-performance processors, graphics processors, and memory, meeting the demands of applications that require significant computing power.

4. Versatility: Nano ITX motherboards often offer a wide range of interfaces and features, including USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and more, catering to various peripheral connections and functionality expansions.

5. Cost-Effective: Due to their small size and low power consumption, Nano ITX motherboards are generally more cost-effective compared to larger motherboards, giving them a competitive edge in cost-sensitive projects.



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