Product Customization

Fodenn Exceptional End-to End Services from Product Conceptualization to Manufacturing

Overview of Product Customization

As a Intel Iot member specializing in industrial motherboards, Fodenn has also accumulated rich OEM/ODM business experience in its 14 years history.Fodenn is committed to providing customers with highly customized solutions in diverse application fields, and has especially accumulated rich experience and countless case studies of Gaming, AIoT, industrial automation and transportation.

Advantages of product customization

Fast and Accurate. To become the leading supplier of industrial motherboards, Fodenn’s manufacturing facilities with flexible layout and expansion capabilities can easily address the demand for increased production capacity. Fodenn has the ability to respond rapidly to customer requests for standard or customized IPC and embedded products.

Fodenn offer semi-custom of slight modification or full-custom specs to precisely fit your needs. Customers can consign to Fodenn the manufacturing of their existing products, customize existing Fodenn products with the expertise of a dedicated project team from product conceptualization to on-time delivery of the goods.

Cost saving by Fodenn’s the supply-chain management. No more additional process and unnecessary spec cost, accurate budget control and evaluation.

Fast and Accurate

Specs support minor modifica- tions or full customization

Cost saving by Fodenn’s the supply-chain management

Product customization process

Complete equipment custom

Complete machine customization services include:

1.Complete machine structure customization

2. System assembly

3.Customized CMOS/BIOs settings

4.Operating system installation

5.Complete system test

6.Customized environment and EMC testing

7.Certification tools

8.Customized packaging

The Motherboard custom

FODENN not only provides standard embedded motherboard such as 3.5-inch,EPIC,MINI-ITX,ATX and other IPC embedded products,but also providescustomized services for non-targeted motherboard.

Customized services for veneer include:

1.Customized function combination, plate type,port.

2.2.Customized CMOS/BIOs Settings.

3.Pre-installation of customized accessories and peripherals.

4.Customized environment and EMC testing, etc.

Development and process

Fodenn, with its professional technical capabilities, r&d advantages andyears of experience,provides customers with customized solutions forvarious special computer motherboards and complete machines.

45 days: 45 working days for customized board card products

60 days:60 working days forthe complete machine product customization

Design and development

EVT PCBA,HW/BIOS debugging, power supply, clock check,predictive test; VE EVT, BFT,RT,ST,CT, VE report.

Proofing debugging

Hw design,critical component review, cost review,layoutPCB design, review, EVT BIOS ready, vE EVT plan.

Feasibility study

Hw,BIOS,PE,VE,procurement to evaluate all relatedproblems of the project,give the evaluation report。PMmeeting to evaluate, determine the project progress.


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