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Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard Introduction

Industrial Micro ATX motherboards are a small form factor motherboard standard designed for industrial applications, they offer industrial-grade reliability and powerful functionality while maintaining a small size. Industrial micro-ATX motherboards have the same RAM, up to 4 DIMM slots to meet the needs of various industrial fields, these motherboards are industrial-grade designed and tested with features such as anti-vibration, anti-shock, wide temperature range and dust and humidity resistance , can operate stably in harsh environments.


Main Features of Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard

We design Micro ATX industrial motherboard as a miniaturized computer motherboard with compact size and height, suitable for installation and deployment in limited space. This kind of motherboard usually has rich expandability and flexibility, supports multiple interfaces and connectors, and can connect multiple external devices and components. This motherboard is widely used in industrial automation, embedded systems, medical equipment, automotive electronics and other fields.


Products of the Micro ATX Motherboard Series

Reliable Micro ATX Motherboard Manufacturers

Fodenn is reliable micro atx motherboard manufacturers and suppliers. The micro ATX industrial motherboard provides standard ATX power supply, meets IP65 and above dustproof and waterproof standards, is compatible with various industrial control chassis, supports multiple series of Intel processors, and provides extensive I/O support and expansion functions . It is suitable for customers or projects that have certain requirements for design space and relatively strict cost control. Compared with ATX industrial motherboards, it has higher flexibility. In terms of product development, we provide customers with solutions with high stability, high reliability and high flexibility.



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