IPC-TGL35 Industrial Motherboard: Intel Tiger Lake, Wide I/O Support IPC-TGL35 Industrial Motherboard: Intel Tiger Lake, Wide I/O Support

Introducing the IPC-TGL35 Industrial Motherboard - a powerful and versatile solution for industrial applications. Powered by the Intel Core 11th gen Tiger Lake-U Series CPU and supporting up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, this motherboard delivers exceptional performance and efficiency for demanding tasks.

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1. **CPU Socket**: Intel Core 11th gen Tiger Lake-U Series CPU socket.

2. **RAM**: DDR4 SO-DIMM socket supporting memory modules with frequencies ranging from 2133MHz to 3200MHz, with a maximum capacity of up to 32GB.

3. **BIOS**: AMI UEFI BIOS for system initialization and configuration.

4. **Graphics**: Intel HD Graphics integrated into the motherboard.

5. **Operating System Support**: Compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows 10 and 11, Linux, and UNIX.

6. **Watchdog**: Programmable watchdog timer with 256 levels, allowing for customizable reset intervals from 0 to 255 seconds or minutes.

7. **Rear I/O**:
   - LAN: Two Intel I226 LM 2.5Gbe LAN ports for high-speed network connectivity.
   - Display: Multiple display interfaces, including HDMI, DP, LVDs, eDP1, and eDP2, enabling synchronous/asynchronous display options.
   - USB: Two USB3.0 ports and optional USB3.0*2 ports, along with an RJ45 port.

8. **Internal I/O**:
   - Expansion Port: Two M.2 slots - one B key (3042/3052) for 4G/5G and one E key (2230) supporting PCI-E and USB2.0 connections.
   - Audio: One LINE-OUT and one MIC IN port with a built-in amplifier for audio output and input.
   - COM: Six COM ports, with COM1 and COM2 supporting RS422/485 communication.

9. **USB**: Eight USB2.0 ports available on the motherboard.

10. **Storage**: Storage interfaces include one SATA3.0 port and one M.2 M key NVME 2280 slot.

11. **GPIO**: 8-bit digital I/O for general-purpose input and output.

12. **SIM Card**: Onboard SIM card slot for SIM card integration.

13. **CAN**: One CAN interface for Controller Area Network communication.

14. **I2C**: Support for SMbus/I2C communication.

15. **Power Input**: Wide voltage power input supporting 12-24V DC.

16. **Structure**:
    - Dimension: Compact 3.5-inch form factor with dimensions of 146x102mm.

17. **Environment**:
    - Operating Environment: Suitable for operating temperatures ranging from 0℃ to 60℃ with non-condensing humidity up to 95% RH.
    - Storage Environment: Designed to withstand storage temperatures from -40℃ to 85℃ with non-condensing humidity up to 95% RH.

18. **Certificate**: Safety Certification includes CE compliance.

19. **Parts List**: Includes a DB9 COM cable and a USB cable as part of the package.

Overall, the IPC-TGL35 Industrial Motherboard offers a comprehensive set of interface types to support various connectivity and communication requirements in industrial applications.


1. **Industrial Automation**: The motherboard's powerful Intel Core 11th gen Tiger Lake-U processor, wide OS support, and industrial-grade design make it suitable for automation control systems. It can handle real-time data processing, monitoring, and control tasks efficiently.

2. **Factory Automation**: With multiple COM ports, USB ports, and GPIO support, the motherboard can be used in factory automation environments for connecting and controlling various devices and sensors.

3. **Industrial Networking**: The dual Intel 2.5Gbe LAN ports provide high-speed and reliable networking capabilities, making the motherboard ideal for industrial networking applications that require fast data transmission and low latency.

4. **Embedded Systems**: The compact 3.5-inch form factor and wide voltage power input allow the motherboard to be integrated into space-constrained embedded systems in diverse industries, such as digital signage, kiosks, and interactive displays.

5. **Industrial IoT Gateways**: The motherboard's support for various communication interfaces like CAN, I2C, and SIM card slots enables it to function as an IoT gateway, connecting edge devices and sensors to the cloud or central server.

6. **Surveillance and Security Systems**: The motherboard's high-definition graphics support and multiple display options (HDMI, DP, LVDs, eDP) make it suitable for surveillance and security systems that require multiple simultaneous video outputs.

7. **Transportation Systems**: The rugged design and wide operating temperature range make the motherboard suitable for use in transportation systems, such as trains, buses, or industrial vehicles, where reliability in harsh environments is crucial.

8. **Industrial Data Acquisition**: The combination of various I/O interfaces, including COM, USB, GPIO, and M.2 slots, allows the motherboard to be utilized for data acquisition tasks in industrial settings.

9. **Industrial Control Panels**: The motherboard can be integrated into industrial control panels, enabling efficient and reliable control of machinery and processes in manufacturing plants.

10. **Energy Management Systems**: The motherboard's robustness and wide voltage input range make it suitable for energy management and monitoring systems in power plants or renewable energy installations.

11. **Test and Measurement Equipment**: The motherboard's powerful processor and expandable RAM capacity can support test and measurement applications requiring high computational power.

12. **Medical and Healthcare Equipment**: The motherboard can be used in medical devices and healthcare equipment, where reliability, connectivity, and processing power are essential for critical applications.


1. **High-Performance CPU**: The motherboard features the latest Intel Core 11th gen Tiger Lake-U Series processor, ensuring powerful and efficient performance for industrial applications.

2. **Expandable RAM**: The motherboard supports DDR4 SO-DIMM memory modules up to 32GB, allowing for smooth multitasking and memory-intensive operations.

3. **Wide OS Support**: It is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows 10 and 11, Linux, and UNIX, providing flexibility for different software requirements.

4. **Industrial-Grade Design**: Built to withstand harsh environments, the motherboard has a wide operating temperature range of 0℃ to 60℃ and is equipped with 95% RH non-condensing protection, making it suitable for industrial applications.

5. **Dual Intel 2.5Gbe LAN**: Two Intel I226 LM 2.5Gbe LAN ports ensure fast and reliable network connectivity for industrial networking purposes.

6. **Graphics Support**: Integrated Intel HD Graphics allows for smooth display output through various interfaces like HDMI, DP, LVDs, eDP1, and eDP2, enabling multi-display setups for monitoring and control applications.

7. **Robust Storage Options**: With a SATA3.0 port and an M.2 M key NVME 2280 slot, the motherboard offers flexible and high-speed storage options for industrial data handling.

8. **I/O Expansion Possibilities**: The motherboard provides multiple I/O interfaces, including USB, COM, GPIO, CAN, I2C, and SIM card slots, enabling seamless connectivity to various industrial peripherals and devices.

9. **Power Input Flexibility**: The wide voltage power input of 12-24V DC allows the motherboard to be used in a range of industrial power systems.

10. **Certified Safety**: The motherboard is certified with CE safety certification, ensuring adherence to safety standards for industrial use.

11. **Compact Form Factor**: The 3.5-inch dimension with a size of 146x102mm makes it suitable for space-constrained industrial environments.

12. **Watchdog Timer**: The programmable 256-level watchdog timer enhances system reliability by automatically resetting the system if a critical error occurs.

The IPC-TGL35 Industrial Motherboard offers a compelling combination of processing power, versatile I/O options, robust design, and wide OS support, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications requiring reliable and efficient performance.



IPC-TGL35 Industrial Motherboard
System CPU Intel Core 11th gen Tiger Lake-U Series
RAM DDR4 2133--3200MHz ,1*SO-DIMM up to 32G
Graphics Intel® HD Graphics
OS Support WIN10/11, LINUX,UNIX
Watchdog 256 levels, programmable 0-255 sec/min
Rear I/O LAN 2*Intel I226 LM 2.5Gbe LAN
Display HDMI/DP/LVDs/eDP1/eDP2 synchronous/asynchronous display
USB 2*USB3.0+RJ45+USB3.0*2(Optional)
Internal I/O Expansion port 1* M.2 (B key 3042/3052 for 4G/5G)
1* M.2 (E key 2230 PCI-E,USB2.0)
Audio 1*LINE-OUT,1*MIC IN,build-in ampifier
COM 6*COM(COM1/2 support RS422/485)
USB 8*USB2.0
Storage 1*SATA3.0,1*M.2 M key NVME 2280
GPIO 8bits digital I/O
SIM card Onboard SIM card slot
I2C Support SMbus/ I2C
Power Power Input wide voltage
Input Voltage 12-24V DC in
Structure Dimension 3.5inch 146X102MM
Environment Operating Environment 0℃~60℃,0~95%RH, non-condensing
Storage Environment -40℃~85℃,0~95%RH, non-condensing
Certificate Safety Certification CE
Parts List DB9 COM cable,USB cable



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