Fodenn Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.(FODENN)is a high-tech enterprise that provides IPC Embedded application solutions. It has R & D and marketing departments in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and a production factory in Dongguan. The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of IPC Embedded products. We specialize in the design and production of satisfactory industrial control embedded products for customers such as financial terminals, communication self-service, retail POS, queuing self-service, on-board computers, network security monitoring, and gaming digital TV all-in-one machines.

Fodenn’s solutions are applicable to all levels of human life, and comply with internationally accepted industry standards and strictly defined quality management processes. In order to ensure product reliability and forward-looking, we have established various This kind of advanced laboratory introduces Taiwan’s advanced development and scientific research technology. At the same time, it hires high-tech professionals at home and abroad to join it. Following the needs of the global communications technology, monitoring technology, embedded products, and digital TV all-in-one market, it will continue to develop Competitive high-tech products. Our customers include automotive computers, gaming machines, medical equipment, network communications and storage, digital monitoring, industrial applications, POS / logistics control equipment, and IPTV, PCTV, MITV, etc.

Fodenn has become a pioneer in China’s information, security and embedded products and all-in-one digital TV, showcasing Chinese technology and products to the world. “Integrity, dedication, unity, innovation” is the spirit of Fodenn, we continue to surpass themselves, the pursuit of the most perfect performance

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Business Philosophy:

Ideal is soul, service is life, innovation is blood, harmony is strength. Human value is greater than material value, corporate value is greater than personal value, and social value is greater than corporate value. We advocate value, we work hard to create value, we redouble our efforts to increase value.

Enterprise Spirit:

Learning to communicate: Each employee is committed to reducing misunderstanding and being misunderstood within the team.

Self-transcendence: Have the courage to challenge yourself and do every little thing in its entirety.

Corporate Purposes: :

For consumers: Excellent supplier of professional industrial products

For partners: win-win cooperation and common growth

To company shareholders: highly responsible and long-term returns

For company employees: learning and training to achieve self.

Corporate Philosophy:

Management philosophy: market-oriented, systematic and scientific

Talent concept: hard-working, professional, knowledgeable

Quality concept: build products with quality, experience life with quality concept

Company mission: to provide consumers with professional industrial products, spread technology and fashion concepts; to provide partners with new growth points to build a platform for employees to realize the value of life.

Corporate Culture:

To build the core of Fodenn culture with integrity;
To take responsibility as Fodenn’s mission;
To build a brand with a team spirit of learning and communication and self-transcendence.